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Firefly Plus & Power Plate Bundle

SKU: 11329

$349.99 $440.00

Deal package savings: eliminate the need for batteries and experience maximum System performance!

The Firefly Plus WiFi Firing System with Lithium Rechargeable Power Plate delivers optimal performance in the field. Firefly connects to your Apple or Android Mobile device via WiFi (internet connection is not required). The Power Plate eliminates the need for Batteries and provides more and faster power to the Firing Clips. You will always know that you are working with a full charge. New and improved 2020 Firing Clips can launch multiple Fireworks from a single cue. Download the free FireFly app to design a show with up to 15 individual ignitions, or ditch the script and launch your fireworks one by one in Manual Mode. Set-up is fast and easy: you’ll be firing like a Pro in no time!

What's Included

  • 15-cue FireFly II Wireless Firing Module with WiFi connectivity
  • Firefly Rechargeable Lithium Power Plate (no other batteries required)
  • 15 reusable Titan Multiclips: 8 x 1-meter length and 7 x 3-meter length. Note: to ignite multiple fireworks on a single clip, Talon igniters (sold separately) are required.

What's NOT Included

Recommended Additions

  • Talon Igniter Clips: to ignite multiple Fireworks from a single cue
  • 5m Firing Clips: space your Fireworks further apart, creating a 'Stage Left' and 'Stage Right' effect

Technical Specs & Compatibility

  • Works with Android Op System 6 and above or IOS 9 and above