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Titan Replacement Clip Heads (Pkg of 5)

SKU: 12021

$17.50 $23.75

Replace damaged Clip Heads or add capacity to your Firefly System.

Now you can buy Firefly Igniter Clip Heads separately--without having to pay for the Cables. Uses:

  • (1) Replace damaged Clips economically;
  • (2) Increase your firing capacity on a single Firefly System: Pre-Clip additional Fireworks so you have them waiting in the wings. Fire through the initial Cues on your System as you normally would. Then simply unplug the Cables from the first grouping and plug them into the Clip Heads you have prepped on your additional items. This is a handy way to increase the size of your show without having to purchase additional Firefly Systems.

What's Included

  • 5 x Titan Igniter Clip Heads (no Cables)

What's NOT Included

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Technical Specs & Compatibility